Beyond the possible destabilizing effects of the agreement, Chinese officials are concerned about their potential to oust trade opportunities. In the past, the relationship between Dubai-based port operator DP World and China has been marked by competition, which was reflected in the Djibouti dispute in 2019, and the temporal synergy between the agreement and China`s ambitions for port construction in Haifa risks exacerbating this rivalry. Moreover, the reaffirmation of U.S. diplomatic influence in the Persian Gulf resulting from this agreement could prompt Washington to push both Israel and the United Arab Emirates into their trade relations with China. On the same day as the release of the standardization agreement, U.S. officials also announced that they were on the verge of an agreement to exclude China from Israeli 5G networks, and progress in this direction is alarming for Beijing. The Israeli Prime Minister has long stated that Israel can and must maintain diplomatic relations in the Middle East and around the world, without making concessions to the Palestinians or withdrawing from the territory. The agreement, like the historic Arab antagonism towards Israel, will mean little to the rest of North Africa. But Morocco is at the top of the list of other countries that might consider opening up with Israel. Negotiations took place closely at the White House, with a limited number of officials unaware. Thursday`s meetings and phone calls were either cut off from schedules or listed in obscure language, according to an administrative official.

Kushner said a tentative agreement was reached a week ago and that the final details of the so-called „Abraham Agreement” were finalized Wednesday, according to the figurative figure of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Although Russia and China have reacted cautiously to the Abraham agreement and their state-like media have often downplayed the deal as a campaign run by President Donald Trump, they have many chances of winning and losing thanks to normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. If this agreement results in F-35 transfers to the United Arab Emirates or to more Arab countries following in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates, Russia and China will continue to assess the opportunities and commitments arising from this agreement in the coming months. Winners: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For Mr. Netanyahu, the agreement is a cornucopia of his political reputation, as he faces corruption charges. The deal will cost him among Israeli extremists, but increased support across the Israeli political spectrum will largely compensate. Netanyahu has launched a political artery. Israel will have better access to financial centres in the Middle East and will continue to work towards more normal relations with its neighbours. Palestinian refugees from the 1947-48 war and their descendants represent the majority of Jordanian citizens, but they have long held on to an implicit understanding that they are pursuing their national ambitions in their former countries of origin and not in the Hashemite kingdom.

This could change if a reasonable and viable state becomes impossible somewhere in historic Palestine. The start of Thursday`s agreement, however, dates back to the same time, when Yousef al-Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the United States, who worked closely with the Trump administration, wrote an article in the popular Yediot Ahronot newspaper, which appealed to The Israelis not to cancel the occupied territory.


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