The manual is published to provide USPTO trademark auditors, trademark candidates, lawyers and trademark representatives with a reference book on practices and procedures for pursuing trademark applications to the USPTO. The manual contains guidelines for reviewing lawyers and materials in the mode of information and interpretation and describes the procedures that audit lawyers must follow or must follow when reviewing trademark applications. If you transfer ownership of a business successor to a candidate for the goods or services for which your brand relates, you can submit your assignment at any time. In all other cases, you must wait until you have tabled an amendment on the use of the allege before submitting your order. See TMEP 501.01 (a). Trademark holders may have to transfer ownership or change the name on their app or registration. This may occur while your trademark application is verified or after your trademark has been registered. Here are some examples of common reasons: the USPTO trademark assignment is the process of assigning a trademark that you have registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

A brand is a symbol, word, device, expression or combined elements that represent your business or brand. If this brand is related to the quality of your services, it is a valuable form of intellectual property (IP). Since it will be a facility, it can be assigned. The transfer means transferring the ownership rights of your brand to third parties for a profit or benefit. Trademarks and patents, patents and patent applications can be transferred. You must file a transfer agreement with the USPTO. Restructuring, acquisition and other circumstances may lead to a trademark sale. 1. Go to TSDR.2. Enter serial number or registration number.3 Select the Status.4 button. Scroll down to the current owner/data information. 5.

Make sure the proprietary information has been properly updated. If the owner`s information has not yet been updated, go to the prosecutor`s office history to view the status. It can take up to seven days for an entry into the prosecution`s history of the task to be posted. If an entry says „Property records are not automatically updated,” please contact us in writing so that the records can be manually updated. The form you use depends on the status of your application: all assignments are processed by an image-based workflow management system called patent and Trademark Assignment System (PTAS). To view training online, go to: The rules allow the filing of real copies of documents related to the order; The original documents are neither necessary nor desired, as they are not returned. Proposals to improve the form and content of the manual are always welcome. You should send an email to or: Payment can be made by using a cheque, credit card, payment order or USPTO deposit account when documents are deposited on paper. Electronically submitted trademark orders can be paid by credit card, USPTO deposit account or electronic transfer (EFT). USPTO accepts VISA, Mastercard, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER credit cards. When you sell the UsPTO trademark, a trademark you have registered with the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office is assigned to a third party.3 min. Typically, submitted orders are registered within 20 days of submission. Electronic submission is recommended and results in faster processing times and fewer errors. Do not use an assignment if you simply need to change your name as the trademark holder. Instead, save the name change via the USPTO subpoena data branch. The registration department of the Public Archives Division processes and records the allocation documents for the records


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