The revitalization agreement. Once the application for a labour development credit facility has been approved by the Coordinating Board, the company must enter into an agreement with the coordinating board known as the Revitalization Agreement. The revitalization agreement is a contract with the state that guarantees the company`s participation in the program, provided it stays up-to-date with state taxes and meets its commitments to create jobs and investments. In accordance with the revitalization agreement, the Coordinating Council and the company are as follows: the SCHTC is not freely transferable, but can be allocated disproportionately to partners by appointment. For example, a partner may benefit from an allocation of the entire credit if it is indicated in the partnership agreement, otherwise the credit is allocated pro-rata. It cannot be sold, but it can be awarded to a new investment partner via a capital investment structure. . Companies engaged in research and development activities may benefit from a 20% federal tax credit and a 5% tax credit in South Carolina for certain expenses related to the following activities: personal property in transit with „no situs” status is exempt from property tax. Personal property in transit is personal property, goods, goods and goods that move in interstate commerce; or (b) was sent to a warehouse (public or private) in South Carolina to store it during transportation to a final destination outside Of South Carolina, whether indicated at the beginning of the transportation or after. This property is subject to certain registration requirements.

An application for an exemption is not required. The set aside economic development program helps businesses establish or expand in South Carolina through road or site improvements and other localization or expansion costs. Under the leadership of the Economic Development Coordinating Council, it is the Council`s main business development instrument to help local governments deal with road infrastructure, water/channel infrastructure or site or extension improvements. . Project Ceiling (10% Credits): NoneProject Ceiling (25% Credits): $1 million of credits per project in South Carolina provides a 30% credit annually to a company that builds or operates a qualified recycling plant to invest in recycled properties. Recycling property is property that is integrated or connected to a qualified recycling facility. Minimum investments for a qualified recycling facility must be at least $300 million until the end of the fifth calendar year following the year in which the insured begins to build or operate the facility. South Carolina offers businesses that create new jobs in the state a tax credit against their income tax debt in South Carolina.

To qualify for tax credits, a company must: A South Carolina company subject to the three-factor allocation formula can have a significant tax saving, because South Carolina does not have a rejection rule. South Carolina is one of 25 states that do not adopt a rejection rule.


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