A civil marriage with a foreigner or between foreigners may be broken up by divorce by a Bulgarian court if one of the spouses is of Bulgarian nationality or if his usual stay in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Divorce by mutual agreement is governed by the family code and the code of civil procedure. According to Article 50 of the Family Code, the reason for divorce is, in this case, a serious and unwavering mutual consent of the spouses. There are no accused in such a trial, therefore no evidence and motivation are necessary, as both parties agree with the divorce. The decision on divorce is subject to the agreement of both parties by judicial petition filed, with the confirmation of their joint agreement to cease marriage. The condition of consensual admission of divorce after the expiry of 3 years of marriage registration has been removed and, at present, there is no time limit for spouses with respect to the end of the marriage. 1. It leaves no scope for other disputes, as it mentions every detail, and it is on this conception that the divorce takes place. A poorly drafted divorce agreement in India would lead to complications instead of a smooth separation of the spouses, resulting in the loss of valuable time and money in the legal process. So we tried to briefly explain how India was right about a divorce agreement before writing a divorce agreement in the family courts. If both partners realize that a divorce is inevitable and they are willing to reach mutual agreement, it is time to establish a document with specific guidelines – a divorce contract. B. It was agreed between the parties that the parties to the act of compromise/settlement would file a mutual divorce application in the family court—————, on the day of the signing of the act in question and at the latest ———— – from the date of that conciliation/compromise decision, as shown above, and before the court to make their statements in court.

Since the divorce agreement is an important and important document that governs and controls the entire divorce process in India, it is advisable to call upon the best legal services of an expert in this regard.


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